These are some of the testimonials from clients we have received thus far. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

I would like to share my experiences with Dr. Fuller at Hart Family Veterinary Clinic. Tacoma and Oakley are the furry children in our family, they are not just pets they are very important family members. I have had the circumstances to have had many dealings with Dr. Fuller at her clinic. She has an undeniable love for animals and is extremely professional in all her services. She is dedicated, compassionate and heartwarming as she cares for all her patients. She takes her profession very seriously giving the best service we have ever received. Her calls at home after surgery, were only surpassed by her follow-up appointments.

Over the years and through many fur babies I have come to rely on her outstanding services, her research and dedication to all questions and her constant availability. When Dr Fuller opened her clinic the city of Prince George gained a gem and service above and beyond. If my pets could talk they would say even greater things about the care and attention they received when going for their regular visits.

Sincerely, Lisa and Terry Kirby

"Paws up" Tacoma and Oakley