Physical examinations are an integral part of keeping your pet healthy. They are a fundamental component of preventative medicine, which allows Dr. Fuller to assess for small changes in your pet before they may become a major problem. All of the pets who visit Hart Family Veterinary Clinic, will be examined in a thorough, yet gentle manner.

Annual exams are recommended for each pet, regardless of age and species. Often, senior pets will require twice yearly check-ups. Pets with chronic medical conditions ie. diabetes, kidney/liver disease, may require check-ups on a more frequent basis.

The veterinary examination process is extensive, encompassing all major areas of the body. Using auscultation, palpation and percussion, examinations are completed under the direction of an experienced veterinarian. During annual examinations, Dr. Fuller will assess your pets' eyes, ears, body condition, heart, lungs, temperature, skin condition and teeth. There will also be time to discuss your pets' nutritional needs and any other questions you may have regarding your pets' overall health.

You can schedule an appointment by phone (250) 962-7808.