Taking your cat to the vet

Taking your cat to the vet

Most cats do not like going to the vet. Often they become fearful and anxious. Here are a few things you can do to minimize the stress of a vet visit for your cat.

1)      Bring your cat in a carrier. Having your cat in a carrier can make them feel more secure. A veterinary clinic can be an overwhelming environment for cats. With new dogs, people, smells, sounds. Being in their carrier can make them feel safe.

If your cat is nervous when the carrier is brought out, keep it out prior to the exam. Keeping treats and toys in the kennel will allow your cat to associate it with a positive experience.

2)      Placing a towel over the carrier gives them a place to hide.

3)      If they are fearful of dogs and other cats leave them in the vehicle while you check in so you can bring the cat into the exam room right away. This way they will not have to sit in the waiting room as it can be overwhelming.

In addition many clinics welcome “happy visits”. Bringing your cat in for treats, pets, and cuddles, can allow your cat to be desensitized to the fear of the clinic.