Dog parks in Prince George

We are lucky in Prince George to have many easily accessible dog parks.

The following are designated dog parks in Prince George where dogs are allowed off leash. Many of these parks have available bags and garbage cans along the trails.

Duchess park dog park
Duchess park dog park is located on Ross road. It provides a large fenced in area for your pets to play and socialize.

Moore's meadow
Moore's meadow is found off foothills. The park spans 150 acres with trail networks surrounding the meadow.

Darren Fitzpatrick Bravery Park
Found on the Hart has a fenced in area for dogs, playground for children, lots of fun for the whole family.

Ginters meadow
Ginters meadow is found at the end of Massey drive. With a large field and many trails it is lots of fun for you and your pets. In addition to the paved trails at Ginters meadow there is a network of trails that come out at the top of the University hill.


There are also many on leash parks and trails in and around Prince George such as Cotton wood island park, LC Gunn park, Otway ski club, Greenway trail, Forest for the World, Eskers, Tea Pot Mountain, the Ancient Forest and more.


Tea pot mountain

The Ancient Forest