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Dr. Nolli was born and raised in Prince George, BC. She attended CNC for one year after graduating from High school before moving to Victoria where she attended UVic to pursue a degree in neurobiology with a minor in math. Before completing her undergraduate degree she was accepted into veterinary school at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine where she graduated in 1996. Kerri has been working in the North since graduating where most of her very large family are located. She met her husband John kayaking on the Willow River.  They now have 3 kids including twin girls who keep them on their toes. They enjoy the outdoors, traveling as a family, playing and having fun.

Dr. Nolli's kids are young but her animals are both seniors, she has a 20 year old cat named Alley and a 13 year old standard poodle named Bryn. Alley has been with her since she graduated vet school and used to be her assistant on farm calls when she worked in a large animal practice, she loved to ride in the truck.

Dr. Nolli enjoys her work as a veterinarian because the job challenges her to learn something new everyday. She enjoys the variety and not knowing what will happen in the day. Veterinary medicine has always given her the opportunity to be a part of a team doing something highly meaningful.

"It is an honor to be invited into patients and clients lives and work with them to find solutions to improve their pets health".- Dr. Nolli