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New Client Application

In order to be considered as a new client we ask that you first read our clinic policies;

  1. Our clinic strongly recommends annual appointments regardless of your pet being due for vaccines or not. Annual appointments allow us to maintain a valid Veterinary Patient Client Relationship (VCPR) which is a requirement from the College of Veterinarians of BC.

  2. Our clinic believes in vaccinating and spaying or neutering our patients in order to help control pet overpopulation. We do offer breeding services to responsible breeders of purebred dogs with the exception of Brachycephalic breeds.

  3. We do our absolute best to ensure that your appointment runs on time, we ask that you respect our time as well by showing up to your appointment on time and calling in advance if you need to cancel.

  4. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for all forms of abuse in our clinic. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy will have their file inactivated and will be required to seek care for their pet at another clinic.

If you are not able to agree to these policies, we ask that you consider applying with another clinic.

If you would like to be considered as a client, please fill out the information below. If we have availability one of our staff members will contact you. Please note, adding yourself to this list is not a guarantee of being accepted as a client.

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